When writing is just naturally in you.



I’m a writer!!

IMG_1024I’ve always enjoyed writing. I never thought much of the many journals I’ve written since a child. I had a belief that mostly everyone journaled. 

I received a scholarship towards my college tuition for winning a writing competition.

I wrote an article for the Detroit New when I was in middle school. It was published. I wrote it about the homeless and how people overlooked them.

I wrote another article about having a big broom that would sweep up crime that was published in a poetry book.

My mom was a writer. My daughters are writers. I say all of this to say, that writing is just something I enjoy to do. I express myself best this way. 

I have not been formally trained as a writer, if that’s a thing. I’m sure it is though. You can certainly count my high school amazing English teacher, Mr. Lunsford who was my biggest supporter. I have been commissioned by the Lord to write. He has repeatedly said for me to write. He assured me that He qualifies me. 

I would love to get more training to ‘formally’ be a writer if that is what’s needed. But if you want me to be honest. Like really honest. I don’t think it’s necessary. I’m already a writer. I am an author. Of course, I can use bigger words and what not and perhaps I will. What is most important is being myself. It’s important to show my voice, no one else’s. 

You can see me through my expressions…

I am currently working on my memoir and the process is really interesting, quite emotional at times. 

There is freedom in truth.

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