Discipline when Motivation is lacking 

We are all guilty at one point or another of lacking motivation to complete a task, or even to start it.

But to succeed spiritually, secularly and personally, we must be disciplined. We must do that in which we don’t ‘feel’ like doing. Feelings have nothing to do with it. If you want something to happen, discipline is what you need.

Commitment is what will bring it home!

An example of spiritual discipline is setting a time daily to read a devotional and scriptures. It’s setting a time to pray daily and keeping that appointment with the Lord no matter where you are. Sometimes, it has to be inside and silent depending on where you are, but if you practice this daily, it becomes habitual. It builds your prayer life, which builds your connection with the Lord. It helps you to put God first. You need to have discipline to keep your appointments with the Lord. Start with one time and work your way up to 3. Try it.

I started a few weeks ago and it has been amazing.

A way to discipline yourself in your secular life, is to set daily goals and complete one daily. Or set weekly goals. The idea is to be working towards something. Many times if we go by our feelings, we won’t do much.

And if you skip a day, get right on it the next day.

Just don’t stop.

I’m writing a book and I’ve found myself writing for 5-6 hours one day and maybe just one hour another. My goal is to write for at least 3 hours daily.  I write when I’m motivated but that doesn’t work, because I’m not always motivated. I have to be disciplined! That’s the key!

That is the key to finishing a goal: discipline. Setting a time aside to complete your task and sticking to it.

Do something everyday to work towards your goal.

In your personal life discipline is also important. I started off making smoothies everyday feeling good and motivated. There’s that word again: feeling.  I felt motivated and I wasn’t disciplined. My motivation changed depending on how I felt.

I’m still working on discipline in the area of healthy eating regularly. I can do it, but I don’t do it daily.

Exercise requires discipline; however to start, it requires motivation. To continue requires discipline.

I hope I have helped you out today with committing yourself and being disciplined in an area in your life where you may need it.

I’m working on it, in all the areas I mentioned above and wanted to write a blog post because maybe you guys are struggling with it as well.

Enjoy your day.

You have share, comment, and follow. 😉

Be blessed


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