Vegan pepper steak (Seitan)

Ok guys so we are in our second week of Vegan eating in my home and I have just discovered Seitan, which is wheat gluten and the base for some great Vegan “meat.”

It’s packed with protein and if done correctly, taste very good.

My first batch was a fail 🙁😐

But your girl is no quitter! So I dumped it and tried again. 

The next batch was absolutely delicious.

I started with the wheat gluten and mixed my own batch of Seitan. I then simmered it for 45 minutes. This is the result of simmering: 

It was two loaves that I cut in half. I then stored one half and cut the other in strips like this: 

I then mixed soy sauce, paprika and garlic powder and marinated each piece. 

I sat them aside and started sautéing my onions, mushrooms, garlic and peppers in olive oil.

I fried the Seitan in coconut oil. I mixed some corn starch, ginger and water in a cup then poured it over the Seitan and Peppers. I made some brown rice. And here is the result:

It taste really good too. No one in my home have gluten allergies and if you do, I wouldn’t suggest partaking of the Seitan because it is Gluten. I can’t have soy at all so this is a great alternative. (The “Melt” is Vegan butter and taste better than the regular one) 

I thank God for being open to change. I am enjoying the new recipes. Here is another dish that I made with yellow potatoes, veggies and Seitan. 

I feel great by the way 😊

Hope you enjoyed. 

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  1. Margie Williams says:

    I truly do need a life style change and the recipes above looks good and seem easy to do, thanks sister


    1. Tara Tucker says:

      You’re welcome! Yes it’s a healthier option and with all that I have going on physically I needed to make some adjustments. This was really good. I think I’ll do a lasagna next and make homemade ricotta 👍🏽😊
      Thanks for the comment


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