The Lie We Tell Ourselves


The Lie


Everyone lies in one way or another. Small lie, big lie, white lie, red lie ( I just threw that one in there) When speaking on lies, people say things like, “It was just a small white lie” or “It wasn’t that big of a deal. You know it’s true.

When we say we don’t lie, we are in fact lying.

We can definitely be someone who keeps it real, and on the up and up for the most part. Yet even when trying to protect someone, we may tell them a different truth to not hurt their feelings.  We may lie and tell our children that there is a Santa Clause and Tooth Fairy. Innocent right? Sure, but it isn’t true. We may lie when scared as Sarai was when God called her out on her lie. He asked why did she laugh when He said that she would have a child, and she said that she didn’t laugh. She absolutely laughed. (Genesis 18: 9-15) So she lied.

We lie out of ignorance. We may believe something, but may not know all the facts, so we answer. Like Peter, when he said he would never disown Jesus. Jesus told him that he would and Peter said that he never would. (Matthew 26: 31-35) And of course, he did. In his defense, he truly felt that he wouldn’t. Yet Peter lied all 3 times when asked if he knew Jesus, and he was a disciple! He walked with Jesus. Deep.

Who wants to be called a liar? Not me. That word hurts. As a matter of fact, when called a liar, your immediate response is, “I’m not a liar!”

Children lie often. They are fearful of consequences.

People also lie by omission. I use to lie often by omission. Also, directly if you asked about my business and I didn’t think it was your business.

These aren’t the lies I’m talking about when I say, “The Lie we tell ourselves.”

We need Jesus. Clearly right? We need the Holy Spirit to help us.



Lies are comfortable.



To the Believers

The lie that I’m speaking of is that we don’t have to be sanctified to God. That’s a lie we tell ourselves. That is a lie from the pits of hell! Truly. We tell ourselves that we can live however we want. We are still saved by grace and loved by God. Yes we are, but where are you on your journey with God? How’s your mindset? How’s your peace? Your joy? Your abundant living? How is everything going? Because that comfortable lie will have you far removed from God. That comfortable lie will have you living like the people of the world, and saying “God knows my heart,” but making no changes whatsoever. [bctt tweet=”Yes, you are saved by grace. And I’m talking to my saved people right now, but you can’t take God for granted.” username=”AuthorTTucker”]

You do know that God says that you must die to sin? Right? Read Romans 6.


Sin will be your master. You may think you can control it but it will control you.

I remember thinking I could smoke my weed because I had a legal card and I had rules for myself. I wouldn’t smoke on bible study days or Sundays. How many know I broke those rules? Sin had become my master and I would try to reason with it. That stronghold was super strong on me. I remember getting up like 6 am one Sunday and literally fought back and forth with myself because I wanted to smoke. Wake and bake as it’s called. Yea, I wanted that. That particular Sunday, church was starting in a few hours, and I couldn’t shake the urge to smoke. It was so strong. I was fighting – battling within myself. I knew it was wrong but my flesh won that fight that morning. “Tara what are you doing?” I would ask myself, but I wasn’t yet strong in Spirit, and there I was drinking coffee and smoking a blunt. That thing had me. I was ashamed. I needed help but it was strong on me. People say weed isn’t addictive. It most certainly is! I went to church still and I cried out of shame, and cried to God, “Help me!!!”

One of the problems, was that I was reasoning with myself that it was ok because I needed it medically. I know there are many amazing uses for the Hemp plant, but when you are smoking weed, you want to keep smoking weed, because it feels good. Then you are smoking when there is no pain. (This is my story. I am not speaking on anyone but me) My medical card said I needed the weed, so I said it was necessary. It was a lie really. I needed God. I needed to truly give myself to Him. He is a Healer. I needed to trust Him with my cares and concerns. My issue at that time was not physical as so much as mental and emotional and the weed kept me calm.

That’s just one lie. I would lie about things to keep up appearances. Babiieeee that is exhausting! Be yourself. Social Media will have you all messed up. So I write about freedom. I write about the freedom of walking in my identity in Christ and in truth. Lies are bondage. Truth is freedom! But freedom, this type of freedom, come with honesty.

Let God be God


How many know that God has a peace that far exceeds weed, alcohol or any drug? His peace surpasses all thoughts. The world can’t give you that peace. And the smoking is of the world.


Once that stronghold was removed, I went further in God. Hallelujah! I started to hate what he hated and love what he loved. There are levels and we are our own stumbling block. We can pray for something over and over and wonder why it won’t manifest. It could be sin that you are harboring in your life. It could be unforgiveness that you are holding in your heart. Our God is Holy. He doesn’t operate in sin. Many times our blessings are on the other side of our obedience.

God is moving and He loves to give good gifts to His children, but you can be limiting what He is willing to do for you. Think of a parent child relationship. He is our Father. He does discipline us. He also rewards us; however, He is not a genie in a bottle that you can just keep asking for things and make no changes in your life. What does He want from you? He wants your love, worship and obedience. He wants you to listen to Him because He created you and knows what is best for you. He wants you to follow Jesus as the ultimate example of how to live and treat people. He wants you to operate in the Spirit. Flow in your gifts and be a blessing to people. God is into people. The people business, not things, but if you put Him first, He will give you things. He knows the desires of your heart. Things are a perk. Favor is the best!

God does show mercy and we are grateful for that, because we all have fallen short. We can’t do anything apart from Him, but everything through Him, because He strengthens us to do so. (Philippians 4:13)


He created us. We are created beings. He is our CREATOR. He is the POTTER. We are the clay.

So let’s wrap this up: What do you think of the most? Things of God? or things of the world? Spiritual things? or Fleshly things? That is for you to answer to yourself. We must check ourselves to make sure we are still walking with God in truth. Let’s not lie to ourselves. If you belong to God you ARE NOT obligated to do what your flesh wants. The Holy Spirit within you will help you. But it won’t force you. This is where people get confused. You have to yield to the Spirit and be OBEDIENT to the Spirit. It is easy to say, “Well God let me.” and “He didn’t stop me so it must be ok.” or “God can take this away from me whenever he wants.”

Yes, He sure can but do you want it taken away? Is that your prayer? Are you working on being kind? Can you be quiet and not have the last word? Are you throwing packs of cigarettes away? Are you trying daily?  I use to throw my paraphernalia in the trash, and sometimes I would go get it out. I was trying. It had me, and at first I was ok with it, but later I wasn’t, when I realized that I was no longer in control of it. Addiction is a stronghold. It can be food, drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, etc. Are you addicted to anything? You don’t have to tell me. That’s a question for you. Bind the strongman. You are not powerless if you have the Holy Spirit inside of you. God says whatever we bind in Heaven will be bound on earth and whatever we loose in Heaven will be loosed in the earth. (Matthew 18:18)


Have you told yourself that it’s ok to act a certain way or do certain things because God knows your heart? Are you walking and living as a child of God? When people see you do they know by your lifestyle that you follow God? Or are you compromising? Are you riding the fence? Or being double minded? Don’t believe the lie. Jesus is the truth. Period. If you are for Him, walk in truth and be for Him. (1 John 1:9)   (Colossians 3:5) Satan is a liar! A sneaky conniving liar. He is so subtle with some of them too. You will start to question it like: “Well God didn’t really say this or that?…Or “This is just a principle and it’s not like a law or rule or anything.” I use to say how God made the herbs and it was good. I found a scripture to back it up. It was true, but I was misusing it to suit my way of thinking.  I was comfortable in my lie until it became uncomfortable to me. I answered the call to go higher in God. That meant dying to self. My self will. I had to decrease so that He could increase. Daily! (Matthew 16:24)

Let that be your prayer: “Lord let me decrease, so that you can increase in my life. Father in the name of Jesus I ask that you strengthen me. Lord remove anything that is not of you! Forgive me for ___________________________. I decree that from this moment forward, I will start fresh and new. Help me with my unbelief, and strengthen my faith in you. Rebuke the devourer for my sake. I want more of you Lord and less of me. Get me out of my own way.” in Jesus name, Amen.

It’s a process

Jesus said if we deny Him in front of people then He will deny us in front of His Father. (Matthew 10:33) We as God’s people have been set apart specifically for His use. And yes He does know our hearts, and He loves us. I am so thankful for His love and mercy. We are a new creation when we become saved. The old has passed away. (2 Corinthians 5:17) However, It is a process. You must continue to move forward. I can only speak what I know. I read my word, I pray and I have learned from my experiences and encounters with God.  I am thankful because as it says in Philippians 1:6, “And I am sure that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” God is not done with any of us.

I didn’t realize the stronghold that was upon me. I was busy in church. I was helpful to people outside of church. I loved God and people. I worked and things were productive there, but my household was in disarray. It wasn’t as peaceful as it should have been. Also, I smoked, drank, had anger outburst, and lacked patience and self-control. For who I was purporting to be, that should not have been the case.  Our Christian households should be together. Our marriages on point, the children being taught correctly. Discipleship starts in the home first. Not outside. I was believing the lie that said to me all was well because I was active in church. People lie in church to themselves all the time. They leave and go back to their life which does not mimic Sunday morning. Being able to walk this thing out forreal is amazing. I am excited. God is good!!

I was finally set free, and now I can truly say that I worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

I want you;likewise, to be free if you’re bound. If you are not where you want to be in God. If you feel that you aren’t progressing, look at your life. Examine yourself.


Scriptural references for you: 1 Corinthians 6:11;   2 Peter 1:2-4;   2 Timothy 2:21;   Galatians 2:20

Be Blessed


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It’s just hair! Or is it?

Deeper Meaning

I premise this by saying, that to a spiritual person, all things are spiritual.

A spiritual person doesn’t just see a natural thing as natural, they look deeper into it. A spiritual person looks at a movie or tv program and come out with a deeper meaning than the obvious. This is just an example of how I look at things, and perhaps you can relate?

Your eyes are opened on a different level. I am not speaking of spiritistic practices, I am speaking of The Holy Spirits’s guidance. He speaks in many ways. One of the ways He has been speaking to me this past month is through my hair.

The Word says that the very hairs on our head are numbered. (Matthew 10:30) God knows us. He cares for us, even down to our hair. I didn’t think so initially, because that is a trivial matter right? It’s just hair! But is it?

Example for perspective

There are many different unorthodox ways that the Lord speaks to you. He doesn’t come the same way every time.  It may be through a dream, another person, the bible, etc. However, sometimes it’s through a donkey. Yeah, like a real donkey. (Numbers 22: 27-31) That story is actually pretty great, not only did the donkey speak, but the Angel of the Lord stood in it’s path to block Balaam. You should read the story. God will close doors and stop us right in our tracks. Hallelujah!

Sometimes things happen that we don’t perceive. As in the case of the donkey running, stopping, etc to deter Balaam from going further. Balaam didn’t know what was going on with his donkey so he beat him. He beat him 3 times before the Angel of the Lord permitted the donkey to speak. Miraculous, but God can do all things.

After the Angel revealed himself and spoke to Balaam, Balaam’s words were, “I have sinned. I didn’t realize you were standing in the road to block my way. I will return home if you are against my going.” (italics mine) That’s deep on so many levels.

He also spoke to Moses through a burning bush. (Exodus 3) That again, was miraculous and amazing considering the bush was burning yet never burned up.

Now granted, my hair incident is not nearly as dramatic as these examples, but valid nevertheless.

Breaking it down

The Lord uses many ways to get our attention as we saw in the case of Balaam and the donkey. Many times we don’t realize it right away. We must get the message several times and then a light bulb goes off.

Now, with all that being said, let me explain my light bulb moment to you guys. If you have eyes to see you will understand. If you don’t, I pray that you do.

So for a few weeks I had been feeling restless and a bit disgruntled with my hair. It had been growing nice in it’s post-chemotherapy stage. I love the texture and my original thickness returned. However, it was in this “In-between” stage that is a frustrating stage. I would put leave-in conditioner to wave it, and try to style it, yet that didn’t last, nor was I satisfied with the styles.

Let me back up a month. My spiritual mom told me that I should wear my own hair. She did say to get a cut or trim if I needed it, but the Lord was calling for me to not put anything in my hair. I didn’t understand, because it’s just hair right? Unfortunately, I didn’t listen. So fast forward, and I bought 2 wigs within a week of each other, braids the next week and faux locs the following one after that.

Why all the hair?

Well, I will tell you. The first wig was beautiful. It was in the afternoon when I purchased it. I put it on and walked around the house sashaying. LOL

The next day that beautiful wavy blonde wig was a clumpy mess. Ok a few days after I bought another curly wig. It was beautiful. It was shorter. I wore it a few days longer, yet it also started to look a hot mess. Not clumpy, but something wasn’t right and I took it off.

So I talked to my husband and convinced him that if I got braids all would be well. He looked doubtfully at me. I’m sure he was thinking that I should just leave my hair alone. I know my kids were very verbal to that affect. Yet he said, “If that’s what you want.” So individual beautiful braids by my cousin Eesha followed. I had them for almost 2 weeks. The braids were coming out in certain areas of my head, and I would re-braid them, until I just took them out. She did a great job, but my hair is soft and short.

Ok I had another bright idea! I would get my hair cut on the sides and get faux locs. Ok short testimony abut the faux locs: I had been looking at Pinterest and Instagram at pictures of locs so much that I couldn’t wait to get them. I called my friend who does them and she offered me a discount price. I told her to give me a little time to get the money together. The very next day, my spiritual mom texted me saying her daughter wanted to do my faux locs for free. I was like, ‘Run that by me again?” That was all God, and all amazing. Right?

So I got the locs, and had an amazing conversation in the process. Throughout the week, my locs started coming out. I was able to replace like 8 of them and then my sister in Christ replaced some that were in the back. One came out when I pulled up in the parking lot of church. I put it in the glove department and was very self conscious about them falling out in public. I was so careful with how I moved and if I hugged someone. Totally unlike me. Then I woke up with one missing out the front. Those were tight and secure in the front where my hair was longer, so for a moment I was confused.

God was speaking

I was getting the, “Take all of this mess out of your hair” message. Seriously! When I woke up and saw the one directly in the front missing, I got it completely. It was a total light bulb experience, and I was instantly reminded of what my spiritual mom had said. I said, “Ok Lord. I’m listening.”

It was then that I removed it all, and when I tell you that I had a new pep in my step!! Baby! It was awesome. Who knew that hair could make you feel so free? I felt amazing and I still do.

So this was just an example of how God can get a message to you, but you must be discerning. I just love God! Don’t you?

What are some unorthodox ways that God has spoken to you?