It’s just hair! Or is it?

Deeper Meaning

I premise this by saying, that to a spiritual person, all things are spiritual.

A spiritual person doesn’t just see a natural thing as natural, they look deeper into it. A spiritual person looks at a movie or tv program and come out with a deeper meaning than the obvious. This is just an example of how I look at things, and perhaps you can relate?

Your eyes are opened on a different level. I am not speaking of spiritistic practices, I am speaking of The Holy Spirits’s guidance. He speaks in many ways. One of the ways He has been speaking to me this past month is through my hair.

The Word says that the very hairs on our head are numbered. (Matthew 10:30) God knows us. He cares for us, even down to our hair. I didn’t think so initially, because that is a trivial matter right? It’s just hair! But is it?

Example for perspective

There are many different unorthodox ways that the Lord speaks to you. He doesn’t come the same way every time.  It may be through a dream, another person, the bible, etc. However, sometimes it’s through a donkey. Yeah, like a real donkey. (Numbers 22: 27-31) That story is actually pretty great, not only did the donkey speak, but the Angel of the Lord stood in it’s path to block Balaam. You should read the story. God will close doors and stop us right in our tracks. Hallelujah!

Sometimes things happen that we don’t perceive. As in the case of the donkey running, stopping, etc to deter Balaam from going further. Balaam didn’t know what was going on with his donkey so he beat him. He beat him 3 times before the Angel of the Lord permitted the donkey to speak. Miraculous, but God can do all things.

After the Angel revealed himself and spoke to Balaam, Balaam’s words were, “I have sinned. I didn’t realize you were standing in the road to block my way. I will return home if you are against my going.” (italics mine) That’s deep on so many levels.

He also spoke to Moses through a burning bush. (Exodus 3) That again, was miraculous and amazing considering the bush was burning yet never burned up.

Now granted, my hair incident is not nearly as dramatic as these examples, but valid nevertheless.

Breaking it down

The Lord uses many ways to get our attention as we saw in the case of Balaam and the donkey. Many times we don’t realize it right away. We must get the message several times and then a light bulb goes off.

Now, with all that being said, let me explain my light bulb moment to you guys. If you have eyes to see you will understand. If you don’t, I pray that you do.

So for a few weeks I had been feeling restless and a bit disgruntled with my hair. It had been growing nice in it’s post-chemotherapy stage. I love the texture and my original thickness returned. However, it was in this “In-between” stage that is a frustrating stage. I would put leave-in conditioner to wave it, and try to style it, yet that didn’t last, nor was I satisfied with the styles.

Let me back up a month. My spiritual mom told me that I should wear my own hair. She did say to get a cut or trim if I needed it, but the Lord was calling for me to not put anything in my hair. I didn’t understand, because it’s just hair right? Unfortunately, I didn’t listen. So fast forward, and I bought 2 wigs within a week of each other, braids the next week and faux locs the following one after that.

Why all the hair?

Well, I will tell you. The first wig was beautiful. It was in the afternoon when I purchased it. I put it on and walked around the house sashaying. LOL

The next day that beautiful wavy blonde wig was a clumpy mess. Ok a few days after I bought another curly wig. It was beautiful. It was shorter. I wore it a few days longer, yet it also started to look a hot mess. Not clumpy, but something wasn’t right and I took it off.

So I talked to my husband and convinced him that if I got braids all would be well. He looked doubtfully at me. I’m sure he was thinking that I should just leave my hair alone. I know my kids were very verbal to that affect. Yet he said, “If that’s what you want.” So individual beautiful braids by my cousin Eesha followed. I had them for almost 2 weeks. The braids were coming out in certain areas of my head, and I would re-braid them, until I just took them out. She did a great job, but my hair is soft and short.

Ok I had another bright idea! I would get my hair cut on the sides and get faux locs. Ok short testimony abut the faux locs: I had been looking at Pinterest and Instagram at pictures of locs so much that I couldn’t wait to get them. I called my friend who does them and she offered me a discount price. I told her to give me a little time to get the money together. The very next day, my spiritual mom texted me saying her daughter wanted to do my faux locs for free. I was like, ‘Run that by me again?” That was all God, and all amazing. Right?

So I got the locs, and had an amazing conversation in the process. Throughout the week, my locs started coming out. I was able to replace like 8 of them and then my sister in Christ replaced some that were in the back. One came out when I pulled up in the parking lot of church. I put it in the glove department and was very self conscious about them falling out in public. I was so careful with how I moved and if I hugged someone. Totally unlike me. Then I woke up with one missing out the front. Those were tight and secure in the front where my hair was longer, so for a moment I was confused.

God was speaking

I was getting the, “Take all of this mess out of your hair” message. Seriously! When I woke up and saw the one directly in the front missing, I got it completely. It was a total light bulb experience, and I was instantly reminded of what my spiritual mom had said. I said, “Ok Lord. I’m listening.”

It was then that I removed it all, and when I tell you that I had a new pep in my step!! Baby! It was awesome. Who knew that hair could make you feel so free? I felt amazing and I still do.

So this was just an example of how God can get a message to you, but you must be discerning. I just love God! Don’t you?

What are some unorthodox ways that God has spoken to you?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Bria says:

    Sometimes I feel that God is speaking to me, but then I start doubting it and feeling that I’m reaching or making something out of nothing.


    1. WriterTara says:

      Hi Bria. Well as you can see from this post that you probably are not reaching. He does speak in unorthodox ways sometimes. Hence the hair lol and it sounds silly to some, but I knew what it was. But look for confirmation when you think He’s speaking. Ask Him and also speak to others that you trust. ❤️


      1. Bria says:

        Thank you ❤️


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