Remembering mom and the legacy she left…

Memories of mom as I bond with my daughters

My mom was a writer…a poet…authentic, deep and profound.

She wrote poems, songs and raps. Yes, raps 😃. I’m reading her art that she left to me as an inheritance. Sharing them with my daughters Devin, and my eldest daughter, Tyler; because, like me, these same gifts are within them.

Speaking to them about legacy; crying…laughing…remembering…

Mom, Tyler and Devin

My mother was the most intelligent and interesting woman I’ve ever known. She was true to herself despite anyone else. She didn’t make moves based on what others thought she should do. People can be a stumbling block if you let them.

I promise to be true to myself, my writing and her legacy.

She used her voice and kept it real. I encourage my daughters to be true to themselves in their creative ways of expression. To use their voices knowing that they come from a family of strong black women. Their voices matter. I make sure they know and understand that.

Of course, in true authenticity we couldn’t skate over the obvious. Vices were mentioned. Oh yes, many vices, but those don’t speak to who you are. They speak to what you think you need to make it through. Like my mom, I succumbed to vices, and like me, my daughters did. But God has been a keeper for me and my children. He’s changed my life in ways that allowed me to show them a different way of living. He didn’t allow our bad decisions to overtake us.


My mom would tell me to do what she couldn’t.

I am.

I am speaking to my daughters to take it even further.

They will.

My daughters and I have just bonded on another level and it’s to the glory of God. ❤️

I don’t know if we think of legacy in terms of gifts, but the Lord showed me that these gifts were passed down generation to generation. My mother was discerning naturally and spiritually, prophetic, smart, bold and outspoken. She passed that to me, and I to my daughters. I’m proud of that.

Although, she didn’t achieve the dreams she had of becoming an author, I am. I will also publish her poetry in honor of her memory. There is more to come for my family, even if it manifest in my grandchildren or great-grandchildren. The Lord is faithful.

I share this with you today to encourage you to learn from the mistakes of generations past but embrace the legacy left. There are gifts in people, in families that past on.

Yes the enemy has generational curses going throughout families also. We pray against them and by choosing the Lord, determining to be set apart for Him, we can change the course of those coming after us. The prayers of the righteous availeth much.

What legacy have you acknowledged in your family? What gifts do you have that have been passed on from generation to generation?

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  1. Hanifah Burch says:

    Amazing post. My mother passed down her strength, wisdom and that never give up attitude to me.


    1. Amen Hanifah. Those are awesome attributes and a remarkable legacy.❤️


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