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Going Higher 12 Weeks of Reflection for the woman of God

Going Higher, was written particularly for the woman of God – the believing woman who may not be exactly where she wants to be in her walk with God. In fact, she may be struggling with finding just who she is in God, and what He expects of her. She may desire a deeper relationship and more revelations but unaware of how to attain it. This is book 1 of a series of books to not only share my testimony, experiences and encounters with God, but to help you to level up in your walk with Him.


Screams from the Church Pew Her Story, God’s Glory

Have you been hurt by a church? Do you have a hard time forgiving? Do you find it hard to love? Have you been hurt and find it hard to get past those feelings? If so, you’re not alone. I’ve heard stories from people who have found church confusing, hard to go to, or even damaging. Not every church hurts people, but most churches have hurt someone at some point. I have spoken with people who find it hard to love and feel as if they have no room for forgiveness. Some people are hurt through their own mistakes, others because of sin committed against them, and still others because of failed leadership. These actions can leave people reluctant to re-engage, they are afraid of being hurt again, wanting to protect themselves, and questioning the place of church, love, and the need to forgive in their lives. The good news is that you can get past the hurt. You can learn how to forgive and to love Gods way. Multi-bestselling Author Cathy Staton along with #3powerfulwomen tell their stories of hurt and pain, and how God turned their Pain into Gain. You will read #3powerful stories of tragedies turned into victories, HER STORY GOD’S GLORY!


Everybody Kneeling ain’t Praying ~A Memoir

The true story of Tara Tucker powerfully demonstrates the transformational power of love. By the age of twelve, Tara had already been abused several times by different people. With her innocence and identity stolen, she began a downward spiral using alcohol and marijuana to cope. From seventeen to thirty-one, Tara identified as bisexual. No one suspected that the compassionate, cheerful woman suffered from depression. Tara worked as a stripper, escort, and later as a madam. She returned to her childhood religion, but after a failed marriage and unable to find God, Tara returned to her life as a madam. Then, on an unassuming day in 2010, the Lord, Jesus, began to make himself known to her. Just like the biblical Paul, Tara had a Damascus road experience – the Lord called her out of her religion and into a free life in Him. Tara’s personal memoir, Everybody Kneeling Ain’t Praying, reveals how even in her freedom, she didn't know she was free, and how her walk reflected bondage, even after being saved. It proves that the Lord will save all who accept Him into their hearts.