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Faith it and you will make it

Have you ever heard the term, “Fake it until you make it?”

Most people have. Do you know what it means?

It means to imitate confidence and competence with an optimistic mindset.  You do this until it comes to pass.  The “faking it” part is acting in a way as if it was already true.

The “making it” part is the hopeful realization that it will come to pass.

You have to believe in yourself even to fake it.

You have to be confident enough to pull it off. You must act the part.


Faith it and you will make it!

This is the meaning of Faith: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

Having faith means to hope and also to believe. You can’t “fake it.” Not truly. You can have the appearance of faith to onlookers but you can’t lie to God. Also, it’s pointless to fake faith because what you need to happen won’t happen. You see, the same concept doesn’t work for faith. The whole “pretending” thing.

Yes, I hear you, it’s similar right? In both situations, you are hoping for something that isn’t quite true because it hasn’t happened. The difference with faith is God. We are believing that God is who He says He is, and will do what He says He will do. We are believing in the power of God.

God causes those things that are not, as though they were. So we are trusting and believing God. That is the foundation of having faith. Trusting God. And how can you actually trust God, if you don’t believe He is God? Or that He is able to do all things as He says in His word?

Numbers 23:19 (NKJV)

19 “God is not a man, that He should lie,
Nor a son of man, that He should repent.
Has He said, and will He not do?
Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?

You can’t pretend to have faith. You just have to have it. you either believe Him or you don’t. I know I make it sound simple. I understand that initially it isn’t simple. But trust me, as you continue in your walk with God, it gets easier.

See for me, my experience is my evidence.

I have experience with God, and that experience has taken me from faith to faith. My faith grows each time.

Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise. In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God. Roman 4:20


Faith makes you look crazy. Seriously. You are believing something that looks hopeless and onlookers are saying, “You are crazy to keep believing in a dead situation.” How many can relate?

But believe and don’t waver. Don’t stop believing God.

(As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,) before him whom he believed, even God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were. Romans 4:17

I want to share with you one of my experiences. I have many, and will have many more as I continue in my walk with the Lord.

It was about 18 months ago that my husband and I purchased our home. I feel excitement even as I am typing this because God is so good. We were house hunting and we looked at many homes. When we came to this home, I fell in love. It was my home. I saw my family in it. I went to the backyard and I placed my hands on it and decreed and declared it mine, and saying to the Lord that He said that He would give me what I asked in faith and that no good thing would He withhold from me. I believed Him for this house. I walked away feeling very confident. (Job 22:28)

All was going well. We put our offer in. I kept telling the realtor that this house was going to be ours. I said to him, “What’s mine is mine, and no one can take it from me.” He would smile and look curiously at me. I enrolled my children in their new schools with only a purchase agreement. We hadn’t closed on the home, but to me that was a mere technicality. I started setting up transfers of service and everything.

So after these things had taken place, we received a call saying that our deal fell through because someone came with a cash offer and the sellers were taking it. WOW

True story.

I heard the realtor. I did. But I didn’t believe it…I didn’t receive it. I told my husband that night, it still felt like our home. It didn’t feel like we lost it.  The next day our realtor was very apologetic and said, “These things happen. I have more homes to show you that are equally as nice.”

We looked at a few homes. I was very unenthusiastic about the whole thing. I couldn’t understand. I said, “Lord you gave me peace with this home. I believed you for it and still believe you.”

To make a long story short we received a call saying that the sellers were going with us. Yes! us! He thought they were crazy LOL and at closing their realtor said the same. He didn’t understand the decision they made.  Yet I said, at closing, “What did I tell y’all?”, “What’s mine is mine, and this was my home.” welcome home

I love God! That was a testimony that day and a witness to His goodness. His faithfulness. I am thankful everyday in my home. I know what God can do. I don’t care what a situation looks like. He can turn marriages around. He can deliver from drugs and alcohol. He can heal.

He can do anything.

You just need to go back to the last thing He did for you. And other things that He has done for you. Marinate on that. Whether it’s small or big. Build your faith off of your experiences. There are also testimonies of His goodness that your friends/family members may have. He is the same God.

Believe and confess the word of God over your situation. God says He watches over His word to perform it and that it will not return to Him void.

Look at what the scriptures say at Jeremiah 1:12, Then the LORD said to me, “You have seen well, for I am watching over my word to perform it.” and at Isaiah 55:11, “It is the same with my word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it.”

You can see a real move of God in your life if you just believe, trust and have confidence in Him and His word.

His word is true.

We don’t want to “fake it” until we “make it” in our walk with God. We want to truly “Faith it” so we can “make it.” Make it to whatever we are believing God for.

 Without faith it’s impossible to please God. (Hebrews 11:6)

And with faith we must have works. We must act like what we say. We must act on what we say we believe. (James 2: 14-26) Don’t ask God to save your marriage and talk negative about your marriage every chance you get. Speak life into that situation. Speak the Word. If you’re believing God for a job, go apply. Go on interviews. Don’t sit in your home and say things like, “I’ll never get a job”, or “There are no good jobs.” God can do all things, but we have free will. He does work with us and will not force us. He wants to do for us. He knows how to give us good gifts too, the best! But ask, believing that you will receive, regardless of what it looks like. We pray, but we must also speak the word over our situations. Then have patience. Patience in His perfect timing.

I am believing God for my total and complete healing from cancer. I believe Him. I speak healing over myself. I speak His word. All is well with me. I believe God’s report. Sometimes this cancer stuff looks downright ugly too. The side effects of the treatments do a number on me. I say, “This too shall pass.”  This is a chapter of my life, not my entire life. I have so much more life to live. God has shown me things in dreams and visions and prophetic words spoken over me. I believe Him.

They haven’t come to pass yet, so I am not going anywhere just yet.

He is not a man that He should lie.

This entire time since my diagnosis, surgery and treatments, I have been on a faith walk. It came out of nowhere and I didn’t understand what was happening in my life. Diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Everything stopped for me. My state of mind is very important during a season such as this. The enemy came with his lies. I rebuked him and continue to look to God. I have to trust God in my finances, my state of mind, my health, my family, etc. So much was affected with me being down. God is my healer. He is my deliverer. He is my provider and way maker. Sometimes I feel really terrible. Sometimes I have pain so badly that I can’t even get out of the bed. But you know what I do? I say, “Thank you Jesus”, and “I bless your name Lord.” I praise Him! I have a prayer room in the basement and when I can’t make it down there, I pray from my bed. I praise Him and I trust Him through my trial. Trusting He will see me through it. Faith that He will never leave me.

jehovah rapha

God is real. He is faithful. Make it a priority to go deeper. There is surface faith. The milk. and that is OK if that is where you are, but don’t stay there. We all start there. Babies in the faith.

Babies eventually need cereal, then baby food, and solid food like adults.

Go deeper and get solid food. (Hebrews 5:4)

Faith it and you will see the hand of God work powerfully in your life. Focus on what God says. Don’t focus on the negative things. Your response is what’s important. Exercise faith. If you need more faith, ask God. Ask Him for whatever you need. (Matthew 7:7-12)

Remember that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. They may form, but they won’t prosper. Don’t focus on the weapons. Speak against them. The enemy is a liar. remember that. Don’t compare yourself with anyone else either. God is not partial. What He does for one, He can do for another. He deals with us differently too. He knows where we are. He knows what we can handle. If you’re a parent with more than one child, you know this to be true with your own children. We love them all, but based on who they are as an individual, we deal with them accordingly to who they are and what they need specifically. For example, I may have a child that is more responsible when given assignments, and can handle a lot at once. I know how much I can give to them. I may have another who is the opposite, so I know the load that I can give them. I deal with them accordingly but loving them both.

Comparing yourself will only have you stagnant in your walk. It may cause you to murmur and give an open door for  the enemy. Don’t go there.

Look at God. That’s it. Be Free! Faith in God frees you from the bondage of worry. Don’t be bound.

There is power in the name of Jesus. Believe it!

Jesus said at Luke 18:8, “…when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” That’s deep!

Will He? You can’t speak for me, nor I for you. We must all work out our own salvation.

I hope this encourages you.

Walk it Out

Who taught you to quit?

Man oh man, I am so inspired right now, and also so full of praise from the message that I just heard

 Hallelujah and Glory to God!


I was watching a live stream of TD Jake’s at Second Ebenezer church for their Pastors’ 40th anniversary.

In his closing remarks he spoke on how people with dreams settle for less and quit. ..should’ve been and could’ve been this or that. But God says because we are His, He will heal us from that! He was speaking of backsliding. Not in the sense of you used to go to church, but in a sense from quitting, giving up and stopping in our journey. Our dreams and gifts, etc can just slide right off if we are not careful.

He said it must be a disease, backsliding, because God said He will heal us from it!

I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely: for mine anger is turned away from him. Hosea 14:4

Return, ye backsliding children, and I will heal your backslidings. Behold, we come unto thee; for thou art the LORD our God. Jeremiah 3:22


glory to god


I am thankful because my sister and I was just talking about this the other day. Listening to this brought our talk to my mind.

We talked about how talented and educated our mom was and how she didn’t do anything with it. She was a career student, in my opinion, an avid learner and a prolific writer. She knew so much and I enjoyed listening to her and asking her questions.

I hope to write like her someday. Gifted. Natural ability. I have the desire, the love and ability. My skill level isn’t on hers yet, but it will. God is not done with me. He just getting started!  My daughters write as well, and my niece. This talent exists in my family. In addition to other things.

She has so many writings and she didn’t do anything with them. She could have been published many times over with best sellers.  There was this one time she sold her poem and it was used as a country song. It was called, “Blue Moon”…So there was that; however, the deal wasn’t that great. She received a check, but she should have received more. Royalties and what not. We didn’t know. She didn’t know. But she was content with what she received.

I am not saying being content is bad. The Lord does say we should learn to be content in season and out of season. I am not speaking of that. I am speaking of letting dreams die. Letting gifts and abilities and callings die. Not going after what was put in you. Not seeing it through. Not believing in yourself. She wanted more, but didn’t know how to get it. She wanted more, but didn’t have anyone encouraging her and pushing her. We need that as well. Some will talk down on your ideas because they don’t have any. They can’t see themselves successful so they certainly can’t see you there. They don’t want  to see you there.

My mom has countless amounts of poems. Deep stuff too. She didn’t see her parents succeeding or being ambitious. Her circle wasn’t either. All of this must be factored in to the outcome.

We spoke of how our lives could have been different. From generation to generation they had not established anything to carry on to their children, (us). My mom is now deceased. I am thinking of putting her poetry out in honor of her. I did speak with her about these things before she passed. She spoke of writing a book and getting serious about all of this when she died suddenly of a heart attack June 24, 2016.

I do have a goal of doing that for her. I hope not to become complacent and let it slide off and nothing happens. Help me Lord!

I am trying to change that now for my children and future grandchildren and so on. Legacy!

Give me a strategy Lord!

I have cousins who are also working towards building legacy. We can’t teach them to quit! We can’t teach them to settle and be comfortable! We’ve watched the previous generation do just that. What have they carried on to us? What will we carry on?

What have you accomplished in your life? What has your family accomplished? Is there something to aspire too? Like is everyone a graduate of college? Everyone a Cop or Teacher? You understand what I mean? Everyone work in the ministry? Is there a family legacy? A family business? Something? or is it every man for himself? No money to leave to the next generation. No business to pass on. No education goals. This needs to change.

When you are in an environment where people are settling and not pushing to do more or have little ambition, that can affect you in a negative way. Some go against the grain and push back. Sadly, many go with it and do the same. They become what they see.

A product of their environment.

Which am I? Both I think. At different times.

I have pushed myself, and other times I have settled comfortably. Nothing much happens in the comfortable part. Same ole, same ole. I am more mindful of the company I keep.

I don’t want comfortable.

There’s no progress.

comfort zone



God wants so much for us. He has plans for our lives, but that does require us doing something as well.

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9

Stay in it! Go for it! Believe it!

Do you have a dream or vision? Go for it! Takes steps towards it and watch what God does.

I am speaking to myself too. Sometimes my dreams scare me, because I am like, “how Lord?” I know what I want, but I know that it can only be achieved with You. They are too big. There is a saying that it’s not big enough if it doesn’t scare you.

I am excited and scared LOL to be open and honest. I can’t see what’s next, but I will never get there if I don’t take steps and MOVE. I have to make a move. I have already started making moves while I am down fighting cancer because of a word the Lord spoke to me. I received it, and then I started asking “how?” LOL

What a question to ask the Creator of the Universe. I had to laugh myself.

I may not know ‘how’, but I know WHO.

That is all I need.

I just wanted to jump on and write this. Hope it encouraged you.

Have a good night.

Walk it Out

You can’t go and it’s ok

There will come a point in your life where God will call you to do something. Before He actually sends you out, He will equip you. During that time, you can’t go everywhere or be around everyone. It is sometimes a lonely place.

sky 1

This period of time is like a wilderness of a sort, or a desert. It’s you and the Lord.

I am in that period right now. The Lord spoke and gave me a word regarding watching my associations, where I go to socialize and to disconnect. He wanted me to turn the Tv and Social media off. He was training me to be in His presence. I do that more and more and it’s becoming normal. It’s not easy initially.

He has called me to pray, study and meditate more. He let me know that He has an assignment for me. This is a time of preparation. Although I am dealing with my cancer treatments, what those are doing, is making me sit still. I was never one to sit still. In fact, sitting still was very nerve wrecking to me. I had to learn to rest in God.

Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him. Psalms 62:1 

In resting, I am listening, waiting, trusting and obeying.

God is speaking.

I am learning to hear the Lord ever so clearly. I hear Him when I pray in my prayer language. I hear Him after I pray and sit in silence. It is not easy to sit in silence. But if you are patient, God will come. I hear Him when I am reading the Word. Learn to hear the Lord in the many ways that He speaks to us.

I have learned to quiet the background noise and tune in.

We must be patient, knowing that God is patient. He may give us a word, but that doesn’t mean that it will happen right away. It may, but many times it doesn’t. We are impatient by nature. We want what we want, when we want. Also, we get excited. We hear a word and we want to tell others what God has said and we are waiting for it to manifest. For us and the onlookers.

He wants us to wait.

Patient endurance is what you need now, so that you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that he has promised. Hebrews 10:36

Everything is not for everyone to know. Many times we have to sit on something and we can’t say anything. That’s another tough one. This is when we need to obey. We can delay or stop what God is doing in our lives by our disobedience. There are countless stories in the bible to attest to this.

Obey and Trusting go hand in hand. We must trust that God is who He says He is. That shows our faith. Also, with trusting Him we obey what He says, knowing that He cannot lie. Knowing that He loves us. Knowing that His ways are higher and thoughts are greater. He knows what’s best for us.

If He says, you can’t be around a certain person, or go certain places. Listen.

What may happen to make you stumble with obedience, is a fear of man may rise up. You will see what you’re made of when it’s time to take a stand for God.


See there may be an event that you are asked to attend. In your spirit you are troubled. You know that you cannot go. But you have peers that are Christians as well, and you say to them that you can’t go. If it’s your friends you should be able to say that it isn’t well in your spirit and they understand. Yet, some may get convicted. They may say, “What’s the difference? I’m going.” They also attend church and know the Lord. Are you better somehow because you are choosing not to go? What does it say about them? See these are issues that people will place on themselves based on your decision to say, “No, I wont be involved.” They look at themselves and wonder if they are involved what are you trying to say? This is very common. This can happen in any relationships that you have. As you draw closer to God, you can’t help but change. You can’t be in His presence and remain the same.

You continue to listen, trust and obey the Lord. God deals with us individuality and we must all work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. (Philippians 2:12)

He may have given me something that He hasn’t given you or vice versa. What you may be able to do in your conscious may bother me. If it bothers me then its a no-no for sure. (Romans 14:5)

I will no longer allow people to put their fears and misconceptions upon me. I will obey the Lord. I choose to. We all have that choice.

I have declined invitations to places of people that I love, but there are things that are starting to bother my spirit. I can’t ignore that. It is not an issue with the person, but just the situations that they may want you to come and be involved in.

Also, you don’t want to get in the lying trap. Don’t make up things to make people feel better. Just let them know, in love, that you won’t be able to attend. Many times an explanantion isn’t needed.

 You may not be able to speak spiritual if the person is carnal minded because they won’t understand. But just understand that if God has called you out and given you an assignment, you cannot go everywhere and be around everyone. You must be discerning. Don’t be haughty either! Remember to do all things in love.

It’s OK. Show love (even when it’s hard)

We have to get back to the Lord and off these man made traditions and ideologies about how we should be. There has been a lot of compromises out here for fear of man, and wanting to be inclusive. God has always set His people apart. We are to be in the world but not of the world. We are a peculiar people.

You have been set apart as holy to the LORD your God, and he has chosen you from all the nations of the earth to be his own special treasure. Deuteronomy 14:2


There is simplicity in Jesus. He wants us to love the Lord our God with all of our heart and our neighbors as ourselves. He is a Holy God and requires us to be holy.

Live the life, not just talk about it.

Discipline when Motivation is lacking 

We are all guilty at one point or another of lacking motivation to complete a task, or even to start it.

But to succeed spiritually, secularly and personally, we must be disciplined. We must do that in which we don’t ‘feel’ like doing. Feelings have nothing to do with it. If you want something to happen, discipline is what you need.

Commitment is what will bring it home!

An example of spiritual discipline is setting a time daily to read a devotional and scriptures. It’s setting a time to pray daily and keeping that appointment with the Lord no matter where you are. Sometimes, it has to be inside and silent depending on where you are, but if you practice this daily, it becomes habitual. It builds your prayer life, which builds your connection with the Lord. It helps you to put God first. You need to have discipline to keep your appointments with the Lord. Start with one time and work your way up to 3. Try it.

I started a few weeks ago and it has been amazing.

A way to discipline yourself in your secular life, is to set daily goals and complete one daily. Or set weekly goals. The idea is to be working towards something. Many times if we go by our feelings, we won’t do much.

And if you skip a day, get right on it the next day.

Just don’t stop.

I’m writing a book and I’ve found myself writing for 5-6 hours one day and maybe just one hour another. My goal is to write for at least 3 hours daily.  I write when I’m motivated but that doesn’t work, because I’m not always motivated. I have to be disciplined! That’s the key!

That is the key to finishing a goal: discipline. Setting a time aside to complete your task and sticking to it.

Do something everyday to work towards your goal.

In your personal life discipline is also important. I started off making smoothies everyday feeling good and motivated. There’s that word again: feeling.  I felt motivated and I wasn’t disciplined. My motivation changed depending on how I felt.

I’m still working on discipline in the area of healthy eating regularly. I can do it, but I don’t do it daily.

Exercise requires discipline; however to start, it requires motivation. To continue requires discipline.

I hope I have helped you out today with committing yourself and being disciplined in an area in your life where you may need it.

I’m working on it, in all the areas I mentioned above and wanted to write a blog post because maybe you guys are struggling with it as well.

Enjoy your day.

You have share, comment, and follow. 😉

Be blessed


Welcoming the new season in my life



I’m a writer!!

IMG_1024I’ve always enjoyed writing; however, I never thought much of the many journals I’ve written since a child. 

In high school, I received a scholarship towards my college tuition for winning a writing competition.

As a youth, I wrote an article for the Detroit News when I was in middle school, and it was published. The article was about the homeless and how people overlooked them. Another article was about me having a big broom that would sweep up crime and it was published in a poetry book.

As a matter of fact, My mom was a writer and my daughters are writers. I say all of this to say, that writing is just something I enjoy to do. I express myself best this way. 

I have not been formally trained as a writer, if that’s a thing. I’m sure it is though. You can certainly count my high school amazing English teacher, Mr. Lunsford who was my biggest supporter.

Furthermore, I have been commissioned by the Lord to write. He has repeatedly said for me to write. He assured me that He qualifies me. 

I would love to get more training to ‘formally’ be a writer if that is what’s needed. But if you want me to be honest. Like really honest. I don’t think it’s necessary. I’m already a writer. I am an author. Of course, I can use bigger words and what not and perhaps I will. What is most important is being myself. It’s important to show my voice, no one else’s. 

You can see me through my expressions…

I am currently working on my memoir and the process is really interesting, quite emotional at times. 

There is freedom in truth.

When writing is just naturally in you.



I’m a writer!!

IMG_1024I’ve always enjoyed writing. I never thought much of the many journals I’ve written since a child. I had a belief that mostly everyone journaled. 

I received a scholarship towards my college tuition for winning a writing competition.

I wrote an article for the Detroit New when I was in middle school. It was published. I wrote it about the homeless and how people overlooked them.

I wrote another article about having a big broom that would sweep up crime that was published in a poetry book.

My mom was a writer. My daughters are writers. I say all of this to say, that writing is just something I enjoy to do. I express myself best this way. 

I have not been formally trained as a writer, if that’s a thing. I’m sure it is though. You can certainly count my high school amazing English teacher, Mr. Lunsford who was my biggest supporter. I have been commissioned by the Lord to write. He has repeatedly said for me to write. He assured me that He qualifies me. 

I would love to get more training to ‘formally’ be a writer if that is what’s needed. But if you want me to be honest. Like really honest. I don’t think it’s necessary. I’m already a writer. I am an author. Of course, I can use bigger words and what not and perhaps I will. What is most important is being myself. It’s important to show my voice, no one else’s. 

You can see me through my expressions…

I am currently working on my memoir and the process is really interesting, quite emotional at times. 

There is freedom in truth.