The Mission

My Mission

I want to encourage people from my life experiences. My life was miraculously changed during my walk with God, but especially in my battle with cancer. God revealed Himself to me in ways that I never knew, although being a saved Spirit filled Christian. Incidentally, I had to face the woman in the mirror. I learned that there are levels that you go in Him. Or should I say, grow in Him. Above all, that He takes you from faith to faith. He revealed gifts that I had, and let me know that they were for others. One gift is a Prophetic Teacher and a Scribe. He told me to share this gift by writing and speaking. He said that I am to be transparent. I will be candid about myself and what the Lord wants me to say to others.

Regrettably, I know that you can sit in the church, speak in tongues with praise and worship, and still be far removed from the Lord. My mission is to help other women, youth and whomever He sends me to, to grow in their relationship with God. In fact, I want to show them that they can be free from bondage. Many are in bondage and don’t even know it. I was. Now I am free!

Above all, I will show you that you can live a victorious life, right now, on earth, despite any circumstances you may find yourself in by trusting in God, and letting Him lead your life.