Tara Tucker was born in Detroit, MI.

She is happily married with 3 children and 2 cats, Marco and Heiress. She studied English and Psychology in College. She has written short stories, and articles on a variety of topics. She is a blogger, who enjoys contributing her thoughts, and a freelance editor. She has used her social networking platforms to share her passion of healthy hair and a healthy spiritual life. She is also a licensed hair stylist. Whether it’s doing hair or writing, Tara is passionate and it shows.

She has lived a checkered past before answering the call from Jesus Christ. She has survived molestation, and rape. She has been a dancer, former escort, and madam. She is a former Jehovah’s Witness and lived her life as a bisexual woman. She knows God to be her Deliverer and Healer! She is open about her past to show that God can turn your ashes into beauty. She is open to show that God is real and you are not too messed up for Him. 

She understands people and the struggle they face daily. She is practical and loving. She embraces people. She believes in judgements in matters of biblical doctrine and righteous living. The bible is her compass. She believes in hating what is evil and clinging to what is good as it states in Romans 12:9. She has endured an extreme amount of pain  in her life. God changed her negative life into something beautiful for Him. She is a survivor of Stage 3 Breast Cancer. During her fight of cancer, she gained a closer relationship to God, which begat a journey of reveals and revelations.

She has always enjoyed writing, but the Lord was calling Tara to write her testimony and share it to help others. She not only wrote her testimony in the form of a memoir, which is in the editing phase, she is writing other books. During the fight for cancer, Tara was led to create a space for the Lord. She made a prayer room, anointed it, and set it apart for Him. He met her there. She would also bring others in there to pray and be delivered. God started something amazing during a time of wilderness. On the outside, it seemed she should be in a corner, crying and desolate with the circumstances, yet Tara stayed prayerful, full of praise and joy.  A testament to the power of God!

She transitioned from a full-time hairstylist, to a stay at home mom and writer during her recovery time. The Lord was telling her to rest in Him and write. Being independent and headstrong, Tara would find it difficult to accommodate what seemed like a simple request; however, it was beneficial for her to acquiesce. She had to let go of what was familiar. Let go of what she trusted in, and at times, “hid” in. She had to walk by faith and not sight.

“Trust God on your journey,” is what she is fond of saying.

Visionary, Writer, Prophetic Teacher and Coach